Who are we…

The FDNY members of Engine 50, Ladder 19, and Battalion 26 have organized an annual bicycle trip on the Anniversary of 9/11, to honor and remember the 343 members of the FDNY who perished in the World Trade Center on Sept 11th, 2001. We will never forget.

This fall marks the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attack on our country. In order to honor the memory of the firefighters that died at the World Trade Center, members of the FDNY will participate in the 10th annual FDNY343Ride memorial bicycle ride and pedal from Montauk, NY to Washington, DC over the course of five days.

Donated proceeds from the ride go directly to help support severely injured veterans who have served in the Armed Forces. The money raised is used to pay for all terrain wheel chairs (Track Chairs), service dogs, medical bills, housing, and numerous other expenses that surface. These brave men and women have made great sacrifices and it is an honor to be able to help out any way we can.

Since the rides inception in 2011, our fundraising has exceeded over 2 million dollars. We would like to invite you to join our efforts in continuing to support our veterans.

The ride is being hosted by Engine 50, Ladder 19 and Battalion 26 of the FDNY. Preparation for this event takes countless hours of time and effort, yet this charity pays no wages to any of its personnel. All work on behalf of the charity is volunteered, ensuring that your donation makes its way to those whom it is intended. We ask for donations of all sizes and amounts to assist with the process. Your financial help is deeply appreciated. FDNY343RIDE is a registered 501-c tax exempt organization. All donations are tax deductible.

This Years Ride…

The ride will be a one day, Saturday, September 9.  A 95 mile trip starting at Sherwood Island State Park, Westport, CT and ending at Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, CT.

Who we Support…

Our efforts are to assist veterans from the tri-state area. 100% of our proceeds go to our causes!

Action Track Chairs

Purchased for severely handicapped vets in the local New York metropolitan area. These sophisticated chairs provide much needed mobility and independence for our vets. Each chair costs approximately $16,000.

America’s Vet Dogs

The service dog programs of America’s VetDogs were created to provide enhanced mobility and renewed independence to veterans, active-duty service members, and first responders with disabilities, allowing them to once again live with pride and self-reliance.  America’s VetDogs specializes placing highly-skilled service and guide dogs to individuals with physical injuries, PTSD, hearing and vision loss, and seizures.

Other projects

  • Including $10,000 to the FDNY Boxing Team which is supporting the BHH as well
  • Purchased a new vehicle for a veteran to get back and forth from work to school
  • Funded extensive van repairs for Sgt. Aaron Hale. Sgt. Hale lost his eye sight while in combat.
  • Paid rent for six months for a soldier facing eviction. While he was building his new home, 343Ride paid his rent until the home was completed.
  • Funded six track chairs thru the Independence Fund at $16,000 per chair.
  • Paid mortgage for four months for wife and daughter of a soldier who committed suicide after numerous tours in Afghanistan.
  • $10,000 to be put towards an elevator for the Venertura Home Project.
  • Purchase of Two Track Chairs: One for Karen Lumis, which included a trailer to transport the chair, and one for John Trubee.
  • Five bicycles purchased for “Angel Bikes.” We are committed to 5 more when recipients are located.
  • A custom bicycle for Alana Duffy.
  • $2,000 donation to a fundraiser for Marine Sgt. Eddie Ryan.

Building Homes For Heroes

Building Homes for Heroes® is strongly committed to rebuilding lives and supporting the brave men and women who were injured while serving the country during the time of the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. The organization builds or modifies homes, and gifts them, mortgage-free, to veterans and their families.

Thank you!

We thank all companies, individual sponsors and donors who have so graciously pledged their financial and moral support to help make this truly awesome event happen. All proceeds from the ride go to support injured veterans that have been protecting this country for the past years.