BY IN FDNY 343 RIDE On August 31, 2013

TrackChairs: the ultimate in off-road wheelchairs. You will go places you didn’t think possible. With the Trackchair you will be able to navigate mountain roads, campgrounds, woods, beaches, hiking trails, frozen lakes, shallow streams, muddy and snowy terrain and much more. Now you have the choice to stay on hard surfaces or go off-road. After 30 years of being in the recreational motor sports business, Tim Swenson, owner of the company,  decided to help people have the freedom of getting off the normal path. He started developing this all-terrain wheelchair in 2008, it is called the Action Trackchair. Tim and his wife, Donna, have a son, Jeff, who is in a chair. They also know of other people who would love the freedom of mobility to go hunting, hiking, fishing, going to the beach, and much more. Now, with the Action Trackchair and Action Trackstander people are able to enjoy these types of activities.


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